Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Unlock The Future

018-1In April, British robotics firm Elumotion Ltd, provider of robotics and prosthetic electromechanical sub- systems, announced the Elu2-Hand, said to be a market driving advance in highly controllable, human- equivalent hand and finger technology. The Elu2-Hand is the latest addition to Elumotion’s portfolio of human format upper body components. It offers significant weight and cost savings over other anthropo- morphic robot hands and the opportunity for rapid development of prostheses with market leading capabil- ities. The hand has nine degrees of freedom and readily performs “coupled movements” such as cupping of the hand as the thumb moves to oppose a finger. It weighs 900g and has a hybrid metal/plastic construction to reduce weight and maximize strength. Image and background information provided by Elumotion,