Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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The Secret Life Of Droids

062-1These are the Droids You Are Looking For…

No other group of robots have inspired and intrigued builders, programmers and developers more than the droids of the Star Wars Universe. The publishers at DK have released their latest book on them, called “The Secret Life of Droids,” by Jason Fry. Beautifully illustrated and comprehensive, this work provides revealing insights into these ground- breaking robot designs. Readers can learn about the many types of droids from large and fearsome droidekas, to the smart and helpful Astromech droids. “The Secret Life of Droids,” looks at the classic Star Wars galaxy from a fresh, new perspective, and features a time- line giving the reader a quick-reference overview. Interactive and dynamic pages present events thematically rather than chronologically, allowing young readers to uncover droid technology and dis- cover individual functions. (Available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Nobles. Retail price: US $12.99).