Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Tetrix Prime Project – Part II

IMG_0643From: Pitsco Education

Pitsco Education

TETRIX Robotics


The next step was supposed to be to add the microcontroller and advanced mechanisms.  Well… I got to part of that.  I decided, with this one (as well as the TETRIX MAX Project) that the first step was to make the platform fully four wheel drive so that part has been completed but no microcontroller just yet.

4WD was achieved by the addition of two Continous Rotation servos from the TETRIX PRIME platform.
Control of the additional servos was achieved by using Y-Splitters on each of the RC Channels allowing for right side motor control and left side motor control.


Project Plan:

The addition of advanced mechanisms and a microcontroller to allow for sensors and autonomous controls.


Fully functional 4WD base platform complete and operational in RC mode.

Next Steps:

Microcontroller & Advanced Mechanisms. Arduino?

Reader Input:

I will do my utmost to make progress on this project by next issue and report on what’s going on with it… the successes and failures. I sometimes learn more from a failure than from a success so let’s see how much of each we find. If something strikes you about this project… please email me at projects@botmag.com with what you think. I look forward to hearing from you!