Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Devastator Robot Kit

This tracked bot runs on the Intel Edison. (Photo credit: DF Robot)

The Devastator Robot can avoid obstacles and act as a remote, mobile, surveillance bot. Made by DFRobot, the kit has a USB camera, so you can see your robot’s surroundings via WiFi on your computer or smartphone. The included Hexa Base Rotate kit with servos provides a full …

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SuperDroid’s Wi-Fi Enclosed Inspection Robot

Venture into tight spaces and record video using this robot from SuperDroid. (Photo credit: SuperDroid Robotics.)

SuperDroid Robotics has a new low-profile, high-end robot on the market: an inspection bot with a video camera, that can be remotely controlled via an included tablet. At just 12 inches high, the tracked robot is designed to fit into spaces that are less than ideal …

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Spark Photon Improves Upon the Core

The Photon WiFi module is cheaper, smaller and faster than its predecessor. Photo courtesy of Spark.

The Internet of Things movement has inspired many promising new products that simplify bot building. An assortment of small circuit boards can now connect our bots to the networked world, quickly and easily. One such product is Core ($39). Released by Spark in 2013, Core features …

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