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SPRK: The See-Through Sphero

See what you're doing, with the SPRK Edition of the Sphero 2.0. (Photo credit: Sphero)

If you like being able to see the inner workings of machines, you’ll love the Sphero 2.0 – SPRK Edition. The main difference with this version of Sphero is its clear, polycarbonate shell that lets you check out what’s going on inside the bot. This feature …

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HEXBUG Battle Spider Dual Pack

It's red versus blue in a spider battle to the finish! (Photo credit: HEXBUG)

Duke it out with the HEXBUG Battle Spider Dual Pack! The pack includes two remote-controlled, spider-like robots. Each has a futuristic voice and sound effects. The bots even recoil when hit with infrared beams. Sensors measure each strike until only one spider is left standing. Ideal …

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A Four-Wheel, Purring Cat

Zoomer Kitty will chase her cat toy or your wiggling fingers. (Photo credit: Spin Master)

Each year, the range of robotic pets expands. Now there’s Zoomer Kitty, a four-wheel, purring cat. Kids can interact with Zoomer Kitty by letting her chase them or follow the included cat toy. Touch sensors in her head, ears, and cheeks allow her to sense when …

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Drive into the Action with Robotic Enhanced Vehicles

Race against an autonomous vehicle. (Photo credit: WowWee)

WowWee’s new toy is more than a set of remote-control cars. The Robotic Enhanced Vehicles pack includes two vehicles: one that can be controlled remotely and one with a GPS and onboard processors that can detect where the other vehicle is and respond accordingly. Humans can test their driving skills …

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Patrol Your Home with a BB-8 from Sphero

When your BB-8 is done rolling around the house, set it in the charger (bottom) for a power boost. (Photo credit: Sphero.)

Now you can own a working replica of BB-8 from Star Wars. Hobbyists have been making their own versions since the movie’s trailer was first released last year. But this will be the first official robot based on the little Astromech. The robot can patrol your …

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New Dancing Dino from WowWee

WowWee's new robot, MiPosaur, can chase its trackball and gets angry when you pull his tail. Photo courtesy of WowWee.

WowWee’s latest creation is a robotic dinosaur that can dance and chase its ball. Known as the MiPosaur, this robot features two wheels, a biting mouth, and a long tail that helps it balance using a mobile inverted pendulum (MIP) design created with the UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab. The …

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Ubooly: A Robot for the Pre-School Set

The Ubooly plush toy is lined with memory foam to protect your tablet or phone from the whims of toddlers.

Handing over any electronic device to a two-year old is a big risk. Wrap an app in a stuffed animal, however, and you’ve just upped the cuteness factor and decreased the chance of breaking the screen. Enter Ubooly: an interactive toy that uses your smart phone or …

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