Friday, May 14, 2021
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OWI Robotics T4 Transforming Solar Robot

OWI’s geek squad, who brought you the beloved T3 Transforming Solar Robot, has dusted off their labs coats and goggles to create their latest triumph: T4 Transforming Solar Robot.

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Advanced Bristlebot Kit

Science Buddies’ Advanced Bristlebot Kit is great for kids who want to learn about breadboarding. Users can build the adorable bot in one of two ways: as a light seeking robot, or a solar powered robot. Then they can take it apart and build the other …

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Energy Efficient Solar-Powered Sensors

The magnified detail of the chip shows the main control circuitry, including the startup electronics; the controller that determines whether to charge the battery, power a device, or both; and the array of switches that control current flow to an external inductor coil. (Photo credit: MIT)

Establishing a network of environmental sensors all over a forest is one thing. Keep the circuits properly powered is another. Imagine traipsing around the forest to replace 600 batteries every week! Makers need systems with ultra-low power sensors that can efficiently harvest energy from the environment. Researchers at …

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