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Actuonix Micro PQ21-R Servo for RC and Arduino

The team at Actuonix Motion Devices, located in Victoria, B.C. have been helping electronics and robotics builders by providing micro motion components to consumers and commercial manufacturers since 2005. They design and manufacture their own line of linear servos and micro DC linear actuators for placement …

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Actobotics’ DIY Servo Controller

A customizable two-channel servo controller that you can build yourself! (Photo credit: Actobotics)

Learn about electronics while buiding your own control board with the Actobotics Servo Controller kit. Once assembled, the two-channel controller can be plugged in to servos in one of two ways. If the servos are located near the board, users can simply use plug the servos …

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Animatronics Made Easy with the SparkFun Servo Trigger

Control servos with ease by adjusting the three potentiometers. (Photo credit: SparkFun.)

The SparkFun Servo Trigger is perfect for those applications where you’d like a hobby servo to move from one position to another — at exactly the same speed each time — but you don’t want to program the behavior. Instead of controlling the movement with code, …

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