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Yogi Robot Explores Yellowstone Lake

Earlier this year, Robot magazine introduced readers to the Kickstarter project initiated by the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration (GFOE) to build a robotic underwater exploration vehicle to explore the fascinating geothermal environment beneath the surface of Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. We were pleased …

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“Boaty McBoatface” Lives on as a Sub-Sea ROV!

U.K.'s new polar research vessel, RSS David Attenborough launches in 2019. If the voting public had its way, it would be RSS Boaty McBoatface. To appease voters, the name lives on as the sub-sea ROV onboard.

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Inspectorbots Releases New Pan/Tilt Minibot

Inspectorbots' new Pan/Tilt Minibot, a teleoperated FPV UGV, features a GoPro camera for live video feed and surveillance stills.

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‘Squishy’ robot fingers aid deep sea exploration

Soft robotic gripper is attached (lower left) to the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) as it is lowered into the Red Sea for a test dive. (Photo credit: Kevin Galloway, Wyss Institute at Harvard University)

During a 2014 talk on his exploration of deep-sea coral reefs, Baruch College marine biologist David Gruber showed a video of clunky robotic hands collecting fragile specimens of coral and sponges from the ocean floor. Harvard engineer and roboticist Robert J. Wood was in the audience …

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AUVSI Attendee Profile Tells a Story of Robotics

Attendee representation at a recent AUVSI conference on UAS technology in Las Vegas suggests the dominance of commercial applications vs. military ones at this time.

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BAE Systems Predicts Aircraft Transformers

'Transformer Aircraft Predicted! BAE (British Aerospace Engineering) believes future drones will fly as a single aircraft, split into parts to perform various sorties, then reassemble into a single platform to fly home. Check out this amazing report!

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