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Restoring a Police Robot is a Family Project

When my son was 12 he told me how much he envies my childhood. I said “What? There was communism, shortages, no human rights…” “Yes, but you’d go to your dad’s shop and make things.

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Cozmo, Your New Best Friend

Anki's first toy robot, Cozmo, fits in the palm of your hand, yet employs some of the most sophisticated AI software ever made available to consumers.

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Top Metal Chassis for Adafruit Rover

The main chassis of this Mini Rover from Adafruit measures 6.1" x 2.9" x 0.98" but can be cut or drilled, if necessary. (Photo credit: Adafruit)

If you’re looking for a handsome chassis for your robot that’s small, but has a little extra space up top, consider Adafruit’s Mini Robot Rover Chassis with a top metal plate. The plate adds a bit more storage that could be used in a myriad of ways. …

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Robot will Help Folks Lost in the Airport

The robot will have to navigate around glass partitions -- a tricky task for a bot! (Photo credit: LASS)

A robot will help passengers navigate the major Amsterdamn airport, Schiphol. The robot, which was built as part of a project called Spencer, map its surroundings. The project is funded by the European Commission and is a collaboration between researchers and businesses in five different countries. …

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How to fall gracefully, if you’re a robot

By planning ahead, the robot above is able to brace for impact and avoid hitting his head. (Photo credit: Georgia Institute of Technology.)

Researchers at Georgia Tech have identified a way to teach robots how to fall with grace and without serious damage. The work is important as costly robots become more common in manufacturing alongside humans. The skill becomes especially important, too, as robots are sought for health …

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Easy to Assemble, Bluetooth Car Kit

Build your own four-wheeled Arduino robot with this easy to build kit. (Photo credit: Nitro Planes.)

Nitro Planes has a well priced, Arduino-compatible robot kit available. Once assembled, the four-wheeled Remote Control Blutetooth Ultrasonic Ranging Smart Car Kit can roll over grass, gravel and sand. It can even climb a sloped surface. The kit includes an ultrasonic module, one infrared receiver, an …

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Meet RiQ, A New Bot For STEM Education

RiQ the robot features a variety of sensors and an easy to use, drag-and-drop programming environment. Photo courtesy of PCS Edventures Lab.

STEM enthusiasts, rejoice! There’s a new bot designed for kids nine and up! The wheeled robot, called RiQ, uses durable fischertechnik components made of nylon and steel. With ultrasonic, infrared, light, and touch sensors, this new bot can perform of range of tricks. For example, kids can program …

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Chinese Restaurant Replaces Waitstaff with Robots

Hi, I'm a robot and I'll be your server this evening.

Engineers have long built bots to compete in robot waiter competitions. It was generally a pretty hilarious competition, with robots banging into each other, and accidentally serving snacks to garbage cans. Finally, the technology is ready for the real world and a restaurant in Zhejiang, China has opted …

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Snow Revoval Robot Compresses Flakes into Bricks

Do you operate a snow plow for a living? Look out! The YukiTaro robot not only shovels snow, it converts it into a short, melting wall. (Photo credit: of Research and Development, Inc.)

As winter takes hold, a roboticists mind can help but think of an old favorite: YukiTaro, Japan’s answer to snow. This adorable bot doesn’t just shovel the snow: it turns it into stacks of frigid bricks. The yellow bot autonomously avoids humans using cameras and image-processing software, so it can clear …

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Could Your Robot Win the IEEE DIY Contest?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is celebrating the art of do-it-yourself with an online contest. You can submit a description, pictures, and videos of your robot (or other engineering project) via the contest Website. The contest Website is also a great place to go for a little …

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EZ Kit Provides Speech Recognition, Color, and Face Tracking

With the EZ Robot Developer Kit, makers can create a robot that performs many tasks, including responding to voice commands, tracking faces, and avoiding obstacles. Photo courtesy of EZ Robot.

The EZ Robot Developers Kit is an open-ended kit for folks who want to make a customized robot, without dealing with the hassle of finding main components that will definitely work together. The kit includes the core of what you’ll need for a mobile robot, including four HD servos with …

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Robot Freed from Conference Room

A telepresence robot was recently liberated from its prison: a locked meeting room. Built by Double Robotics, the robot was placed in the room so that users could remotely demo the system. It’s intended to provide an in-office presence for people who work remotely. But one anonymous man took it on …

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LocoRobo: A Robot Designed to Grow with a Child

LocoRobo offers different levels of control for programmers of all ages and abilities. Photo courtesy of LocoRobo.

Another educational robot for children has entered the arena: LocoRobo. The basic version of the bot features ultrasonic sensors, differential drive, lithium ion batteries, LED lights, and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) dongle for downloading code. The more expensive version of the robot also includes motor …

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