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Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot: Technology and Safety Combined

UBTech's Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot is a perfectly designed household humanoid robot, combining advanced technology with safety features for younger users.

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Meccanoid G15 Named “Innovative Toy of the Year”

The Toy Industry Association has awarded the Meccano Meccanoid G15 Robot the “2016 Innovative Toy of the Year.” The Meccanoid comes with over one thousand phrases and has voice recognition to make this personal robot a child’s best friend.

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Ziro Gesture-Controlled Robot Kit Launches on Indiegogo

California based startup, ZeroUI, has launched Ziro on Indiegogo. Ziro is the world's first hand gesture-controlled robotics kit. It lets you design, build, and animate robots, controlling them with the lift of a finger or a flick of the wrist using a smart glove and smartphone app.

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4-H Junk Drawer Robotics Kit Fires Up Imaginations

The 4-H's Junk Drawer Robotics Program works with household items to complete simple design challenges. Their robotics kits emphasize science, engineering and technology process skills.

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Turn Your Spark into a Robot with the PhoBot

Use the PhoBot to turn your Spark into a robot. (Photo credit: Adafruit.)

Turning your Spark into a robot is much easier with PhoBot. Made by Simon Monk, the board acts as a motorshield for the Spark Core or Particle Photon. Using a TB6612 dual H-bridge, the PhoBot can control one stepper motor or two brushed DC motors with …

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Two-Wheel Balancing Robot Kit

Learn about self-balancing robots with this great kit, built around an Arduino-compatible board. (Photo credit: DFRobot.)

If the MiP has piqued your interested in self-balancing robots but you like building things yourself, check out the Two-Wheel Balancing Robot Kit from DFRobot. The kit includes a custom acrylic case, DFRduino Uno, a six-degrees-of-freedom IMU shield, two DC motors, four analog rotation sensors and …

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Raspberry Pi Camera Robot

Make your Pi camera mobile, with this new chassis kit. (Photo courtesy of Dawn Robotics.)

Dawn Robotics’ new kit offers a low-cost solution for those who want to add mobility to their Raspberry Pi camera. The Chassis Kit includes everything you’ll need to get started, minus the Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi camera, WiFi dongle, and SD card. An online tutorial details …

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Makeblock’s Ultimate Robot Kit Released

This is just one of more than 10 possible configurations that can be made with Makeblock's Ultimate Robot Kit. Photo courtesy of Makeblock.

Makeblock has released a new, Arduino-based kit that includes a robotic gripper. The Ultimate Robot Kit can be assembled into more than 10 different configurations, with Lego-like instructions available online. The included Arduino controller can be programmed via Scratch. The robot can also be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth …

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Learn C with a Robot that’s Ready to Climb

The RP6V2-C was designed as a fun way to introduce students to the C programming language.

If your love of robots predates the Web, you probably remember a little guy called the Rug Warrior Pro. Without any formal training in electronics and only one other robot under my belt, the Rug Warrior Pro was a real challenge for me to make. It probably spent …

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