Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Study of Seahorses Could Lead to Better Robot Arms

The images on the left show how seahorse skeletons are made of highly articulated bony plates that surround a central vertebral column. One the right are the bending and twisting performance of 3D printed prototypes. (Photo credit: UC San Diego.)

Researchers studying seahorse tails believe the novel design might be useful for building better robot grippers and medical devices. According to the team, a tail made of square, overlapping segments makes for better armor than a cylindrical tail. It’s also better at gripping and grasping. “Almost …

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Electrostatic Robot Hand Wins RoboBusiness Award

Grabit's grippers uses electrostatic for electrostatic forces for a low-energy solution to handling materials such as glass sheets safely, while minimizing stress. Photo courtesy of Grabit.

A robot gripper that uses electro-static adhesion won a Game Changer Award at RoboBusiness earlier this month. Many grippers use a vacuum to hold on to items, but that puts stress on the items and can cause damage. According to Grabit, the company behind the gripper, using electrostatic adhesion eliminates …

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