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Top Metal Chassis for Adafruit Rover

The main chassis of this Mini Rover from Adafruit measures 6.1" x 2.9" x 0.98" but can be cut or drilled, if necessary. (Photo credit: Adafruit)

If you’re looking for a handsome chassis for your robot that’s small, but has a little extra space up top, consider Adafruit’s Mini Robot Rover Chassis with a top metal plate. The plate adds a bit more storage that could be used in a myriad of ways. …

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The Mantis Off-Road Chassis

The Mantis will bring rugged flexibility to your next robot project. (Photo credit: ServoCity.)

The latest chassis from ServoCity is designed for off-roading. Called The Mantis, this chassis features a long-travel suspension design that makes it ideal for traversing uneven, rocky terrain. It’s so flexible you can practically squish it flat to the ground! The suspension incorporates 4.62-inch aluminum beams and …

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Truck-Bed Chassis with Raised Base for Arm, Camera or Scoop

Use the Gooseneck to mount an arm or gripper easily. (Photo credit: ServoCity.)

The Gooseneck Robot Kit from Actobotics offers some interesting features you might want to consider for your next project. The truck-bed style chassis is ideal for holding batteries, electronics, or another small load. The protruding “Gooseneck” piece can act as base for a camera, robotic arm, gripper kit, scoop, or whatever attachment …

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Actobotic’s Bogie Runt Rover Ready to Roll… Right Over Obstacles

The Bogie is designed to easily travel over challenging obstacles. (Photo credit: Actobotics.)

Actobotics continues to impress with its Runt Rover series of robot chassis! What makes the Bogie chassis unique amongst the Runt Rovers is the suspension. With articulated wheels, 5” of ground clearance, and 5” of flex, this bot is ideal for climbing over obstacles. Powerful gearmotors …

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Actobotics New PeeWee Runt Rover

The Peewee Runt Rover Kit snaps together. No tools required! (Photo credit:

Need a small, inexpensive platform for your next robot? Actobotics new PeeWee Runt Rover Kit ($15.99) offers a push-together chassis that weighs in at less than half a pound! Special mounts on top of the bot make it easy to snap in a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or Redboard, …

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ARTI: A Robust, Rolling Robot Chassis for Climbing Stairs

The ARTI chassis can climb up and down stairs with ease. Even non standard, uneven, and bullnose stairs are easily tackled. Photo courtesy of Transcend Robotics.

If you are looking for a robot chassis that can handle unpredictable terrain, consider ARTI from Transcend Robotics. Invented by retired entrepeneur Andrew Ferguson, the three-part chassis climbs up and down stairs — and all sorts of other obstacles — with ease. It doesn’t matter whether the stairs are non-standard, …

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