Saturday, April 17, 2021
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R2D2 Moving Refrigerator

More than a butler, this R2 unit knows how to chill... your beverages. (Photo credit: Aqua).

Finally, someone has combined the coolness¬†of R2D2 with the coolness of… a mobile fridge. This 1:1 scale¬†model of R2D2 won’t just cool your beverages, it will bring them to you! The wheeled bot also includes the same lights and sounds as the R2D2 from the Star …

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Patrol Your Home with a BB-8 from Sphero

When your BB-8 is done rolling around the house, set it in the charger (bottom) for a power boost. (Photo credit: Sphero.)

Now you can own a working replica of BB-8 from Star Wars. Hobbyists have been making their own versions since the movie’s trailer was first released last year. But this will be the first official robot based on the little Astromech. The robot can patrol your …

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