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Keeping Prosthetic Legs Upright Using a Natural Approach

Lower-leg amputees will test Carnegie Mellon’s balance recovery technology. (Photo credit: Carnegie Mellon University)

A robotic leg prosthesis from Carnegie Mellon University could help users avoid falls, using techniques based how humans control real flesh and bone. Hartmut Geyer, assistant professor of robotics at CMU, says a control strategy devised by studying human reflexes and other neuromuscular control systems has shown …

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A New Kind of Bionic Hand Restores Function for Three Men

After a brachial plexus injury, this man opted to have the hand he could no longer operate removed and replaced in a new kind of bionic reconstruction. (Photo credit: The Lancet.)

Three Austrian men have undergone a new technique called bionic reconstruction, enabling them to use a robotic prosthetic hand controlled by their mind. The technique involves selective nerve and muscle transfers, as well as amputating the affected limb. The limb was then replacing with a prosthesis containing sensors that respond …

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A Nimbler Mind-Controlled Robotic Hand

This is an image showing one of four new hand movements from the 10D control of the robotic arm. Photo courtesy of Journal of Neural Engineering/IOP Publishing.

The quadriplegic woman who can control a robotic arm by thinking about the action, can now perform far more complicated movements. According to the researchers at the University of Pittsburgh involved in the study, the woman has gone from giving high fives, to giving the thumbs …

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Smart Prosthetic Skin is Robust and Sensor Laden

Researchers have developed a skin smart enough to sense its environment and robust enough to tackle everyday tasks. Photo courtesy of Jaemin Kim et al.

A new skin for prosthetic hands can sense a lot about its environment. Sensors embedded through the material can detect temperature, pressure, moisture, and strain. The stretchable skin, which is made of gold and silicon, also includes stretchable multi-electrode arrays for nerve stimulation and electroresistive heaters to help …

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A Prosthetic Hand that Feels Textures

Researchers have developed an electrical stimulation system capable of allowing the user to feel textures and relieving phantom pain. Photo courtesy of Case Western Reserve University.)

Prosthetic limbs have many limitations. One of the challenges for users is not being able to distinguish between different textures. Researchers have now developed an electrical stimulation system that helps those who have lost limbs be able to feel different textures again. While many prosthetic limbs …

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