Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Robot Controlled Using Thoughts

Researchers have created a robot that can be steered using thoughts, as the culmination of a project called project called TOBI: Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction. (Photo credit: Alain Herzog / EPFL)

Researchers in Europe created a robot that can be controlled by a user’s thoughts. The team, led by José del R. Millán of Defitech Foundation Chair in Brain-Machine Interface (CNBI) hope the machine will one day help paralyzed people interact with folks near and far. Tests have so …

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A Nimbler Mind-Controlled Robotic Hand

This is an image showing one of four new hand movements from the 10D control of the robotic arm. Photo courtesy of Journal of Neural Engineering/IOP Publishing.

The quadriplegic woman who can control a robotic arm by thinking about the action, can now perform far more complicated movements. According to the researchers at the University of Pittsburgh involved in the study, the woman has gone from giving high fives, to giving the thumbs …

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