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J&J Launches Robotic Surgery Company

Scott Huennekens, Verb Surgical's President and CEO. (Photo credit: Verb Surgical)

Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon and Verily Life Sciences LLC (formerly Google Life Sciences) has formed a surgical robotics company called Verb Surgical Inc. The company hopes to use machine learning, robotic surgery, instrumentation, advanced visualization, and data analytics to improve patient outcomes, lower costs, and greater hospital efficiency. …

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Robotic worm for head surgery can cut around corners

NiLiBoRo is held in place during surgery using its expandable bladders. Researchers are currently optimizing the pocket geometry using multiple prototypes. (Photo credit: Fraunhofer IPA)

Removing tumors from within the inner ear is a very delicate matter that typically requires surgeons to remove the entire mastoid bone. However, in the future, all doctors will need to do is cut a tunnel of 5 mm in diameter through the bone using a …

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Robot Surgeon

Put into service in October 2006 at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut, the Da Vinci Surgical System is the first robotic surgical technology to be offered in a medical facility in Connecticut. “Mr. DaVinci,” as the robot is called at the hospital, includes four arms

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