Friday, May 29, 2020
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NesPi Raspberry Pi Case: Homage to ’80s Nintendo

A beautiful new retro Raspberry Pi case called the Lego NESPi is going to delight any Nintendo fans who are also Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and Lego builders. The creators,¬†Spanish accessories retailer RaspiPC, call it a “Magic Box” designed for those who might hold special memories of …

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New First Tech Challenge Kit Uses Smartphones

This schematic shows how Android phones will work in tandem with the Modern Robotics modules. (Photo credit: Modern Robotics.)

Modern Robotics of Miami, Florida recently unveiled its new Android-powered robot platform. The system is designed for the First Tech Challenge, but can be purchased by anyone interested in building a bot that can be operated via cell phone. Stephen Barker, CEO and co-founder of Modern …

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Build Upons LEDs will Light Up Your Lego

Brighten up your Lego creations with compatible LEDs. (Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.)

These little LEDs are more than just brick-ish. They are perfectly compatible with Lego! So take that Lego vehicle and add some working headlights or make your robot’s baby blues really shine! Each LED is precisely the same size as a Lego 1 x 1 brick. …

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