Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Drone & UAV Engines of Xponential 2017!

The latest engines used in the most sophisticated RC aircraft on the planet were out in force at the recent Xponential 2017 national conference, held May 8-

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New Drone Launches from Underwater for Aerial Missions

CRACUNS, an unmanned aerial vehicle, can be stationed under water, then launch into the air to perform a variety of aerial missions.

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Inchworm Inspires Bridge Inspection Robot

Student researchers at Australia’s University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), have developed the world’s first autonomous climbing robot for steel bridge inspection.

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Lessons Learned Watching Untrained People Fly Drones

A Parrot AR.Drone.2, such as the one shown here, was used in the study. (Photo credit: Parrot)

You can learn a lot watching someone who has no clue what they’re doing. That’s the basic premise behind new research on human-robot interactions. The study, which involved 90 untrained participants trying to fly drones through an obstacle course, found that it didn’t matter whether the participants were told …

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New Aerial Robot Flies on Sight, Without Accelerometers

The eyes of the BeeRotor were inspired by those of insects. (Photo credit: Expert & Ruffier (ISM, CNRS/AMU))

A new system for aerial robots ensures flight stability using optic flow sensors instead of an accelerometer. Inspired by the way insects see the world, the sensors allow the robot to autonomously avoid obstacles while flying through a tunnel with uneven walls, without measuring speed or …

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Autonomous Drone Assists Naval Firefighters

A quadrotor autonomously navigates through compartments of the ex-USS Shadwell. (Photo Credit: ONR)

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute and spin-off company Sensible Machines recently flew an autonomous drone through dark, smoke-filled compartments to map fires and locate victims. The demonstration was part of an Office of Naval Research (ONR) project called Damage Control Technologies for the 21st …

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BAE Systems Predicts Aircraft Transformers

'Transformer Aircraft Predicted! BAE (British Aerospace Engineering) believes future drones will fly as a single aircraft, split into parts to perform various sorties, then reassemble into a single platform to fly home. Check out this amazing report!

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