Monday, January 18, 2021
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Plobot Teaches Programming With Play

Plobot is a new project on Kickstarter that aims to teach kids concepts that are essential to coding through fun and simple play. This adorable little bot receives instructions from your child through a variety of command cards that initiate individual actions which can be combined …

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Teaching robots the way we teach babies

Researchers used info on how babies follow an adult’s gaze to “teach” a robot to perform the same task. (Photo credit: University of Washington)

Babies learn about the world by exploring how their bodies move in space, grabbing toys, pushing things off tables and by watching and imitating what adults are doing. But when roboticists want to teach a robot how to do a task, they typically either write code …

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Robotic Playground Apparatus Slowly Changes Shape

Researchers from the Interactive Architechture Lab and the University College London are developing a robotic playground structure that slowly adjusts its struts to move and change shape. Known as a MORPH [MObile Reconfigurable PolyHedra], the octahedral robots can be wirelessly guided or roam relatively freely, while …

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