Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Easy to Assemble, Bluetooth Car Kit

Build your own four-wheeled Arduino robot with this easy to build kit. (Photo credit: Nitro Planes.)

Nitro Planes has a well priced, Arduino-compatible robot kit available. Once assembled, the four-wheeled Remote Control Blutetooth Ultrasonic Ranging Smart Car Kit can roll over grass, gravel and sand. It can even climb a sloped surface. The kit includes an ultrasonic module, one infrared receiver, an …

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Bean Loader Finally Released for Android

Make your own Bean Bot an program it from your phone using the LightBlue Bean. (Photo credit: Punch Through Design.)

Building a robot controlled via a SmartPhone has never been easier, thanks to the LightBlue Bean. The low-energy, Bluetooth-enabled Arduino microcontroller runs on a 3V coin-cell battery. It even features a few on board sensors, including a 3-axis accelerometer, RGB LED, and a temperature sensor. Made …

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BLE Nano Board from RedBearLab Released

At just 18.5 mm by 21.0 mm, the BLE Nano board by RedBearLab is the smallest Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy development board available.  The quarter-size chip is a real power saver and can serve a central or peripheral role in your next project. Supported BLE central devices include …

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