Monday, April 12, 2021
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Dive of the RoboBee

The Harvard RoboBee, designed in Wood's lab, is a microrobot, smaller than a paperclip, that flies and hovers like an insect, flapping its tiny, nearly invisible wings 120 times per second. (Photo credit: Harvard Microrobotics Lab.)

In 1939, a Russian engineer proposed a “flying submarine” — a vehicle that can seamlessly transition from air to water and back again. While it may sound like something out of a James Bond film, engineers have been trying to design functional aerial-aquatic vehicles for decades …

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Bacteria-Controlled Robot Brain in Development

Waren Ruder used a mathematical model to demonstrate that bacteria can control the behavior of an inanimate device like a robot. (Photo credit: Virginia Tech.)

Virginia Tech scientists are working on a robotic system that may one day be controlled by living bacteria. Currently, the researchers are using a mathematical model based on the behavior of bacteria to control the robot. “Basically we were trying to find out from the mathematical …

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