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Law Must Catch Up with Rise of Robotics

While many advanced robots work at a distance, far off in space, increasingly, robotics and artificial intelligence are impacting our daily lives. One legal scholar believes its time for the law to consider the implications. (Photo credit: NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center.)

A new article calls for the law to catch up with robotic technology. Ryan Calo, assistant professor in the University of Washington School of Law, says it’s time laws reflect the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence. “Technology has not stood still. The same private institutions …

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The Quest for a Robot that Works Well With Humans

Researchers at Bielefeld University are working on robots designed to work in tandem with humans. The project is called Cognitive Compliant Interaction in Motion, or CogIMON. Led by professor Jochen Steil of BU, the project will involve six international partners and have a budget of $7 …

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Robot Planning Algorithm Tested in Minecraft Model

"The whole of Minecraft is what we refer to as 'A.I. complete.' If you can do all of Minecraft you could solve anything. That's pretty far off, but there are lots of interesting research objectives along the way," says Brown researcher Stefanie Tellex. (Photo credit: Mike Cohea/Brown University.)

A new algorithm could help robots do a better job planning for the complexities of the real world. Interestingly, the code was tested in a video game. Robots often have a tough time planning their actions, in part because they don’t intutively know how to focus …

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Artificial Intelligence Solves 100 Year Old Worm Challenge

Tufts University biologists developed an artificial intelligence system that for the first time reverse-engineered the regeneration mechanism of planaria worms. (Photo credit: Daniel Lobo/Michael Levin-Tufts University.)

For the first time, an artifical intelligence system has reverse-engineered how a planaria worm regenerates. The work, published recently  in PLOS Computational Biology, shows how much the robot science can help humans scientists going forward. Humans have been trying for more than 100 years to figure …

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UC Berkeley Robot Learns By Trial and Error

Chelsea Finn, Pieter Abbeel, BRETT, Trevor Darrell and Sergey Levine of UC Berkeley developed algorithms that enable their PR2 robot to learn new tasks through trial and error. (Photo credit: UC Berkeley Robot Learning Lab)

New algorithms developed at UC Berkeley let robots learn motor tasks much more like humans do, using trial and error. Using this new approach the robot completed various tasks without prior knowledge of its surroundings, including putting a clothes hanger on a rack, assembling a toy …

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Can a Robot Acquire Consciousness?

Researchers hope that Hector's new software, reaCog, will lead to consciousness. (Photo credit: CITEC/Bielefeld University)

Researchers at Bielefeld University hope to give a stick-bug robot named Hector a simple form of consciousness. Hector, they claim, might learn to see himself as others see him, without ever being explicitly programmed to do so. “With this, he would have reflexive consciousness,” Holk Cruse, …

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Quantum Mechanics to Accelerate Progress in Robotics

Both the classical and the quantum RPS are characterized by their internal Markov chains over the clip space. The procedures the quantum agent performs in order to choose the desired actions are listed.

Researchers from Spain, Austria, and Croatia believe the field of quantum mechanics holds great promise for advancing robotics. Specifically, the researchers believe that integrating quantum physics and artificial intelligence will provide a “quadratic speedup” in robotic learning. According to the study, many robots are unable to function adequately …

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