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Actuonix Micro PQ21-R Servo for RC and Arduino

The team at Actuonix Motion Devices, located in Victoria, B.C. have been helping electronics and robotics builders by providing micro motion components to consumers and commercial manufacturers since 2005. They design and manufacture their own line of linear servos and micro DC linear actuators for placement …

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Achievement Badges Reward and Encourage

Adafruit offers cool embroidered achievement badges for electronics, science, and engineering. They believe everyone should be rewarded for learning a useful skill, and then be encouraged to continue. A badge displayed on a jacket or shirt is an excellent way to show and share.

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Start Blynking! SparkFun’s Blynk Board

The SparkFun Blynk Board is an easy-to-use app builder that allows users to add buttons, sliders, graphs, and RGB controllers to their phones. Available at for $29.99.

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RobotGeek Snapper Arduino Robotic Arm

The Snapper is easy to integrate with other RobotGeek sensors, and components. (Photo credit: Trossen Robotics)

The Snapper is a robotic arm with five servos, including a micro servo in the gripper. The arm can pick up 50 gram objects and features a reach of 11.4 inches from shoulder to gripper. It runs on the Geekduino board and the kit also includes the Robot …

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RobotGeek Arduino Experimenters Kits

The RobotGeek Arduino Basic+ Experimenter's Kit: the most comprehensive of the Experimenters kits! (Photo credit: Trossen Robotics.)

Exploring how a component work, in detail, lays a great foundation for building a complete robot. RobotGeek supports this idea, with several Arduino-based kits designed to explore individual components. There’s a kit for linear actuators, one for touch sensors, and another for RFID. Want a more complete package? …

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The PcDuino3B Mini Computer

The PcDuino3B can be programmed in a variety of languages, including C, C++, Java and Python. (Photo credit: Sparkfun)

With the pcDuino3B development board you can run a fully-functional operating system, such as Linux and Android. You can also use it as a base for your next robotics project, by adding Arduino shields. But the board comes with a lot of features built-in, including an …

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Unite Your Raspberry Pi and Arduino with Arduberry

Use Arduino sensors on your next Pi project with the Arduberry. (Photo credit: Dexter Industries.)

The Arduberry has one wish: to bring together the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. Designed by Dexter Industries, the Aruberry is a shield that plugs into a Pi so that Arduino sensors and shields can be easily connected. No physical adjustments are requirement for most shields: …

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ProtoPalette Pro Makes Arduino Exploration Easier

The ProtoPalette Pro weighs 4 lbs and measures 15 x 12 x 3 in. (Photo credit: ProtoPalette EdTech, Inc.)

If you’re eager to build an Arduino-based bot and want to make the process a little easier on yourself, the ProtoPalette Pro is perfect. The Pro includes a breadboard, as well as a wide array of switches and sensors on a relatively small footprint, making it …

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Simplify Sensor Hookup with the Grove Base Shield

Hook up your Arduino Uno project faster with the Grove Base Shield. (Photo credit: Seeed Studios.)

Want an easier way to hook sensors up to an Arduino: check out Seed Studio‘s Grove products. Grove components let builders skip the tedious breadboarding process! Just plug the Grove Base Shield on top of your Arduino Uno. It’s easy to find a home for any …

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Arduino GEMMA: A Mini Wearable Electronic Platform

Get creative with small sewables, with the Arduino GEMMA. (Photo credit: Adafruit.)

Perfect for small, simple, sewable projects, the Arduino GEMMA is a collaboration between Adafruit and The board features an Attiny85, 8K of flash, and 5 I/O pins. It also has a USB bootloader, so it can be plugged it into any computer and reprogrammed via …

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VeeaR’s 3.0 Voice Recognition Module and Shield Available

Interact with your robots in a new way using the EasyVR 3.0 system. (Photo credit VeeaR.)

Give your robot the power of voice recognition with the EasyVR 3.0 shield and module. These small, inexpensive boards make it possible to enhance an Arduino project so that it responds to voice commands. (The module plugs into shield, which plugs into an Arduino.) The system …

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Bean Loader Finally Released for Android

Make your own Bean Bot an program it from your phone using the LightBlue Bean. (Photo credit: Punch Through Design.)

Building a robot controlled via a SmartPhone has never been easier, thanks to the LightBlue Bean. The low-energy, Bluetooth-enabled Arduino microcontroller runs on a 3V coin-cell battery. It even features a few on board sensors, including a 3-axis accelerometer, RGB LED, and a temperature sensor. Made …

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Arduino Obstacle-Avoiding Bot from OddWires

WIth an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor module on top, this simple bot autonomously avoids obstacles. (Photo credit: Oddwires.)

OddWires’ obstacle-avoiding robot kit is a cost-effective learning platform for robotics. It chassis rolls on two wheels and a castor, to simplify programming for beginners. The kit includes two geared DC motors, an Arduino Uno R3, motor shield, a servo, ultrasonic sensor, a 6V battery case with …

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