Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Automate Your Garden with FarmBot

Want to join the urban farming movement without doing all that…farming? FarmBot is bringing technology to the rescue with a scalable, hackable, robotic farming solution you can install yourself and expand as you need. FarmBot Genesis, the first FarmBot from the San Luis Obispo based developer, …

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Robotic Broccoli Harvesting

(Photo credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net/Mister GC.)

Robots could be used to help harvest broccoli, according to researchers in the UK. The team is testing whether 3D cameras can be used to identify and select when broccoli is ready for harvesting. This key step in the development of a fully automatic robotic harvesting …

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Vineyard-Monitoring Robot Prototype Revealed

VineRobot is designed to help grapegrowers manage their crop remotely. Photo courtesy of Asociacion RUVID.

Researchers from several European countries have teamed up to develop an artificially intelligent robot capable of managing vineyards. The unmanned robot can gather information on production, water levels, grape composition and vegetative development and send it to grape growers. The robot is part of the European …

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