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Build Your Own Actobotics Dual Motor Controller

The Actobotics Motor Driver can be purchased pre-assembled or as a kit. (Photo credit: Actobotics)

This tiny board can control two brushed DC motors. At 1.3″ x 3″ it also fits easily into an Actobotics channel or secures to the outside. Assembled, it weights only 0.60 oz. The has four operating modes: digital speed control (RC), analog speed control, split and servo. …

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Actobotics’ Tracked Robot: Agent 390

This tracked chassis can handle 50 lbs loads. (Photo credit: Servocity.)

Actobotics has released a new tracked robot platform. Known as Agent 390, the agile bot features a smooth, ball-bearing supported, drive track system with omni-directional control. Agent 390 also has great traction, despite the smooth contact patches on the tracks. With a rigid, aluminum base, Agent …

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Creating Smooth Motion with V-Rollers

Use these V-Rollers to create smooth motion along a channel. (Photo credit:

Put your project in motion with V-Rollers. These carefully crafted parts allow you to smoothly move a tube through an Actobotics channel. The V-Rollers come in three varieties: aluminum screw-set, Delrin with bearings, and the press-fit Delrin. The contoured shape of the V-rollers allows them to …

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Create Linear Motion with the 785 Gear Rack Kit

The kit can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Photo credit: ServoCity.)

The 785 Gear Rack Kit uses a Hitect HS-785HB rotational servo to create linear motion.  Just send the correct PWM signal from your servo controller and any attachments will glide down the track. Made of aluminum Actobotics components and Delrin plastic, the kit is durable and …

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ServoCity’s New Warden Mobile Robot Base

It's easy to add components to the Warden using its three Actobotics Aluminum channels. (Photo credit: ServoCity.)

ServoCity’s new robot base, The Warden, is a toughie! With 4.3 inch rubber tires running on ball-bearing, planetary gear motors, this bot base is designed for rough terrain. The base also includes a large storage area with two access panels, for easy access to any batteries …

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Actobotics New PeeWee Runt Rover

The Peewee Runt Rover Kit snaps together. No tools required! (Photo credit:

Need a small, inexpensive platform for your next robot? Actobotics new PeeWee Runt Rover Kit ($15.99) offers a push-together chassis that weighs in at less than half a pound! Special mounts on top of the bot make it easy to snap in a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or Redboard, …

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New, Highly Customizable Off-Road Chassis from Actobotics

The Nomad 4WD Off-Road Chassis kit from Actobotics allows for quick and easy structural customization with just a hex key.

Sparkfun has released a new robot chassis kit: the Nomad 4WD Off Road from Actobotics. The robot is based on the aluminum channels that are the core of the Actobotics system. The channels feature a pattern of holes in two sizes. The holes make it easy to customize …

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