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Electroloom: The World’s First 3D Fabric Printer

Electroloom 3D printer uses an electrospinning technique to turn a liquid (currently a custom polyester/cotton blend) into a seamless fabric.

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Geeetech i3 Pro C Dual Extruder 3D Printer

Print two-color items with the Geeetech i3 Pro C Dual Extruder 3D Printer. (Photo credit: GETECH)

Build your own dual-extractor 3D printer with the Geeetech i3 Pro C Kit ($340). Once assembled, the i3 Pro C prints with ABS and PLA and is a great low-cost solution for builds that don’t require high precision. It has a layer height resolution of 0.1 …

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A 3D Printer That Makes An Artful Pancake

The PancakeBot will print your art in batter. (Photo credit: Storebound.)

Turn your sketches into perfect pancakes with PancakeBot! Import your designs into the PancakeBot software and then retrace your image, making sure to the do the lines you want darkest first. The software creates a file that can be stored on an SD card. Insert the …

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Eat Your Face? Personal Fabrication Taking Off

David Carr, Research Associate at the MIT Media Lab, appeared in the Wall Street Daily Research online news in a story about his 3D printer that could sculpt chocolate. David noted that he could create a likeness of himself in chocolate and then eat it, which …

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