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Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit


Bake your first Pi 2 project with Sparkfun's Starter Kit. (Photo credit: Sparkfun)
Bake your first Pi 2 project with Sparkfun’s Starter Kit. (Photo credit: Sparkfun)

This kit from Sparkfun includes everything you need to quickly start building simple projects with a Raspberry Pi 2.

In addition to a Pi 2 model B, the kit also includes a SparkFun Pi Wedge. The Wedge connects to the 40-pin GPIO connector on the Raspberry Pi and breaks out the pins so that they are easier to connect via a breadboard.  A microSD USB adapter allows you to plug the included card directly into your computer, too. The kit also comes with:


  • SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout;
  • Pi Tin for the Raspberry Pi – Black;
  • Edimax WiFi Adapter;
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Ribbon Cable;
  • SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable;
  • Power supply;
  • Breadboard;
  • Buttons, LEDs, jumper wires, and resistors.

Online guides and tutorials are also available, so your first few projects should be hassle-free!

You can buy the Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit from Sparkfun for $89.95.