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Random Robot Roundup

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“All the news that’s fit to assimilate”

It’s time for a post holiday news roundup and here it is!

  • Pete Skeggs of the Portland Area Robotics Society, let us know that his Nubotics brand of sensors and motion control hardware will now be available direct from the source at his new online Nubotics store.
  • Want to help fund the construction of Florida’s tallest wooden robot sculpture? Known as REX, the robot will stand guard over The Bakehouse Art Complex, home to more than 60 artists. For more see the REX Kickstarter campaign.
  • Interesting new paper on the the latest Advances in Neuroprosthetic Learning and Control.
  • Our friends at NooTriX let us know about their latest Robots and Ethics posting and their new Stop Killer Robots campaign ribbon.
  • Mario Tremblay of the RobotShop sent a link to a video about Lynxmotion’s latest Servo Erector Set package.
  • The Dallas Observer has a cool article about a boy in Knox City, TX who attends school via a telepresence robot: Lyndon Baty and the Robot That Saved Him.
  • Swiss embedded computer maker Toradex wants to let you know about their Toradex Design Challenge with $100,000 USD in prize money. Might we suggest building a robot?
  • John Seng of Cal Poly State University let us know about their Kickstarter to build a 32bit Cortex-M4 ARM based robot controller known as the Aithon. The project includes a complete open source software library that runs on top of the open source ChibiOS/RT real time operating system.
  • Finally, artist and robot builder Mark Miller started an IndieGoGo campaign to fund his lastest crazy gadget: a robotic fishing pole.

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