Friday, May 7, 2021
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Random Robot Roundup

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“All the news that’s fit to assimilate”

I returned from a few days at the VEX Robotics World Championship to find our inbox full of news, so let’s start things back up with a news roundup! (and, yes, pics of the VEX championship will be posted in a few days).

  • DARPA has announced a super tiny single chip TIMU (timing and intertial measurement unit) to help your robot find its way when GPS fails.
  • We noticed an EE Times article on a German company developing multicore artificial nervous systems for robots.
  • The White House has announced the BRAIN Initiative to help further brain research and keep the results in the public domain where they can be used by everyone for innovation.
  • The International Space Station just got a little safer. NASA is migrating the ISS from Windows to GNU/Linux. No more blue screen of death in space, plus they can now freely “patch, adjust, and adapt” their software without worrying about legal problems with Microsoft. And they’ll get better integration with the GNU/Linux based Robonaut robot who lives aboard the ISS.
  • Walter Farah sent us a link to a draft of his new paper: Medical Robotics. Cardiac Catheterization. Relations Substantially Equivalent
  • social media milestones: Our Facebook page is closing in on 2,000 followers. Our new Google Plus page just passed 1,000 followers and is growing fast. But, for now at least, our twitter feed still beats them both with 2,300 followers

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