Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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LiveDrive Actuator Aims to Usher In a New Era for Robotics

The robot revolution isn’t happening fast enough, according to the team at Canadian company, Genesis Robotics, which unveiled its LiveDrive, a next-generation robotic actuator, yesterday at Hannover Messe in Germany. According to the company, LiveDrive is three times faster and  times more precise than conventional actuators. In addition to excelling in speed, precision and power, the device is also intended to contribute to a safer working and living environment in a world where robots and humans increasingly exist side by side.

LiveDrive boasts a thin and flexible design that replaces the traditional gearbox used to translate power into motion for robots since their earliest days. Eliminating gears enables a smoother, more efficient motion at a lower cost than typical actuators.

The company’s press release explains the three-step process that brought LiveDrive from idea to marketable invention:

LiveDrive is the result of three foundational discoveries. The first discovery uses the strongest magnets in the world and amplifies them, nearly doubling their force. This force would collapse a conventional motor. To harness this magnetic performance, a second discovery was made to design a rigid structure that can withstand the force. A motor with this power would normally generate extreme heat, making it unusable. However, with the third discovery, the LiveDrive has a unique design that dissipates heat in a way that that allows for optimal performance.

“We worked to address the limitations of traditional robotics to usher in a new era, which will improve the lives of workers and revolutionize entire industries,” said Mike Hilton, CEO of Genesis Robotics. “Robots today present safety and productivity concerns for both workers and employers. Our actuators enable robots to stop instantly. This along with the numerous other benefits of LiveDrive opens up new possibilities for faster, safer, more versatile robots that improve the human experience.”

LiveDrive is certainly a sleek and graceful-looking component befitting its intended place powering the machines of the future. A collection of videos showing LiveDrive in action can be seen here.