Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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JARRVIS Humanoid – Iron Man Super Hero


A great project is developing in a workshop in Quebec—the JARRVIS humanoid robot. The JARRVIS humanoid has been machined by designer Pierre Bouchard using series 2000, 5000 and 6000 aluminum; the robot has 27 degrees of freedom (DOF). Articulation is activated byservo motors with 35 Nm of torque; 11 have planetary gearboxes “with very low backlash.” Power is 350 Nm for the legs, feet, hip and trunk actuators. Servo motors are connected to proximity sensors to cut off power if limits are reached. Shoulders and arms run at 28V and the rest of the body is powered at 18V. A Torobot 2X32 channel servo controller running Arduino controls the humanoid. 512K ROM flash memory is on board and next planned development steps will include a gait cycle with integrated accelerometer and gyros. Cost to date has been approximately $6,000 US including 2000 working hours. Pierre has used the simplest technology available to him on a modest budget for his “humanoid drone.” We will keep you posted on this amazing home project!