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High Tech Human Touch Kite Robotics

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UnivOfTwenteUniversity of Twente

Enschede, Netherlands

High Tech Human Touch Kite Robotics, by Stefan Spanjer

Stefan Spanjer is part of the Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics program at Twente University, Enschede, Netherlands, and the Founder and CEO of KITE Robotics.

In the next edition of EduBots, Stefan Spanjer, a reporter from Twente University will begin ongoing coverage of his company, KITE Robotics. In a series of reports, we’ll see his team run trials and site tests of their robot, while the company establishes roots and grows.

Working in tandem with robotic and technology programs, school entrepreneurship programs bring brilliant young inventors’ ideas to fruition. Twente University in the Netherlands, one of the three best rated technology programs in that country, has sharpened that partnership to a fine point. The school’s innovation campus, Kennispark Twente, currently supports 400 businesses, in all stages of development.

According to the website:

The Foundation Kennispark Twente’s mission is to further develop an innovative entrepreneur’s climate in the region of Twente. We do that by investing in three product lines:

•Support and support systems for innovative startups: from coaching programs and events, to financing.

•Industrial innovation: joint innovation projects between SMEs, local industries and universities.

•Attractive Business Climate: create the right environment for innovative busi- nesses and attract new businesses for Twente.

The foundation is a joint initiative of the University of Twente, the City of Enschede, the Region of Twente, the Province of Overijssel and the Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

One of Twente University’s success stories is featured in this issue of Robot (“Robirds”). With the support of the university, Robirds inventor Nico Nijenhuis garnered the attention of Cottonwood Euro Technology Fund, the American-based seed and early-stage fund. Cottonwood has invested $1.6M to further develop Robirds. Ray Quintana, lead general partner at Cottonwood says, “Finding those startups is a boots-on-the- ground operation looking for innovations, making it the ideal platform for universities and robotics programs.”