Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Subscription GoBox: Monthly Robot Missions


(Photo credit Dexter Industries)

Dexter Industries has launched  subscription GoBox, delivering a new robot mission every month, starting off with the newest GoPiGo2 full robot kit in the first month. Then, over the next 11 months, they’ll send you a fun new mission (9 of which come with a new, cool sensor) for your robot to accomplish.

The missions are in a story form of step-by-step instructions that take you through the whole experience. You’ll have full access to GoBox’s video library and support forums, as well. The monthly sensors include the light sensor, sound sensor, ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, LED, motion sensor, button sensor, infrared sensor, and the brand new GoPiGo Line Follower.

Mission 1 includes everything you need to get started with the GoPiGo, including the GoPiGo Base Kit, Raspberry Pi B+, ethernet cable, Power wall supply,
microSD Card with Dexter Industries Custom Software, Mini Wifi dongle, Mission 1 Booklet.

Subsequent Missions include a full Mission Booklet with instructions, along with the following sensors, spread out over the following 11 months: light sensor, sound sensor,
ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, LED, motion sensor, button sensor, infrared sensor, GoPiGo Line Follower.
You can sign up for GoBox at A one-year GoBox USA- robot subscription is $399. Recommended for ages 13+, or younger with adult supervision.