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Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

by Matt Richardson and Sean Wallace.
The Raspberry Pi (RPi is a common abbreviation) can be a tricky board to get working properly. Finding the right resources to help you get a clear understanding of the many powerful features can be difficult. “Getting Started with Raspberry Pi” provides an excellent primer including: accurate drawings of the various versions of the board, discussions about the peripherals required, how to boot up and configure the RPi, troubleshooting and more. And that’s just the first chapter! After that, the book launches into an excellent discussion on the RPi’s command line, basics of Linux and how to install and update software. With the basics covered and a good working knowledge of the required elements of Linux under your belt, the book’s 161 pages worth of RPi gems cover everything from programming with the included software to interfacing with real world hardware. There are plenty of good examples and each chapter has lots of hands on code, which is mostly broken out line by line and explained in just enough detail to provide a good understanding, without overwhelming the reader. An entire chapter discusses techniques for interfacing the RPi with the Arduino, while others discuss such topics as: programming in Python and Scratch, how to use the RPi as a webserver and interfacing with cameras. Matt and Sean are certainly qualified to write this book too. Matt Richardson, a creative technologist and contributor to MAKE magazine, is a Master’s candidate at New York University. Matt also owns Awesome Button Studios, a technological consulting firm. Shawn Wallace, an editor at O’Reilly, has designed open hardware kits at Modern Device and taught the Fab Academy at the Providence Fab Lab. If you are planning to get an RPi or already have one, this book is a must for a successful start and will be a handy reference on your bookshelf.

O’Reilly publishing
ISBN-10: 1449344216
Price: $12.67
Kindle: $8.69