Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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FEIR Fighting BOTS



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Lawrence Feir, founder of Innovation Robotics, has farranging robotics interests that range from high-flying UAVs to combat robots with a sci-fi biomechanical flavor. Botzilla, which took second place on Robotica, a Learning Channel production, sports a pneumatic flipping arm. Botzilla is equipped with tank treads to navigate difficult terrain. At a Cub Scout event in Bur Mill Park, Greensboro, SC, Lawrence demonstrated MechaSoar – which ate some soda cans to the delight of the scouts. BrickSlayer used its hydraulic crusher to chow down on an abandoned computer printer, among other items. Lawrence has exhibited his eccentric robots at tradeshows, a congressional reception and at youth-oriented events. “The kids really enjoyed seeing these robots in action,” he notes.