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How To’s

Make Your Robonova-1 Speak!

Make Your Robonova-1 Speak! Play any sound file—the voice of Homer Simpson or even Captain Picard! by D.G. Smith Since the age of 10, now some 35 years ago, I have always  dreamt of building robots. Back in those days all I had was lollipop …

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How To Design And Build A Spinner Bot

BONUS ONLINE ARTICLE The following is an extension of the full article that appears in the Winter 2005 edition of Robot magazine. USING GYROS FOR SPINNER STABILITY Early on in building spinners, I discovered that spinning a large percentage of your weight allowance makes it harder to …

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Tamiya’s Walking Robots

Templates For Simple Legged Locomotion Would you like to scratch-build a walking robot or design one using a LEGO© Mindstorms™ or Radio Shack VEX™ robot kit? This article will help you understand the simplest methods for constructing bipedal, quadrapedal and six-legged walking robots. For added fun, …

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Drive a Tank BOT From Your PC

Repurposed Wi-Fi provides an elegant control solution I have been exploring the possibility of using 802.11G wireless networking technology (also known as Wi-Fi) to replace the analog radio systems commonly used in RC robots, cars, boats, and aircraft. Using Wi-Fi in place of the common AM …

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