Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Build Your Own Simple, 3D Printed Walker

If you’re looking for a straightforward Arduino project that involves a bit of 3D printing, some simple construction, with just a dab of soldering, Randy Sarafan has the perfect project for you! With Sarafan’s easy-to-follow Instructable, you’ll have a basic robot up and walking in no time.

The robot has four legs and adjusts its center of gravity with each step. Gears allow the bot to steer left and right. STL files for the 3D printed body, legs, and gears are available in the Instructable, as is some simple code.

The bot seem ideally suited to someone new to robotics, 3D printing, or both. While the robot’s walking gait is more of a hobble reminscent of two tethered toddlers, the design does give a clear view of how servos and gears can work together. It’s not going to win any races, but it could be a great STEM experience for young children.