Friday, July 30, 2021
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Break Time!

034-1Willow Garage’s PR2 is a mobile household robot platform with two, 7-DoF arms and an open-source robot operating system. PR2 can successfully navigate around an office, open doors and locate a household AC socket to recharge itself. The PR2’s size and proportions are similar to those of a human; this optimizes its ability to perform tasks in everyday environments. Power, sensors, computation, mobility and actuating arms are integrated in one system running ROS software. Equipped with a 1.3kWh battery, the PR2 will run for three to six hours. It houses four Intel Core 2 Duo computers and has a generic computer bay for upgrades and expansion. It also has a 16-port gigabit Ethernet hub with a 32-gigabit backplane. Its onboard MIMO router can be bridged into a WLAN or used as an access point. Founded by Scott Hassan, one of the designers of the original Google search engine, Willow Garage aims to create a new generation of personal robot assistants that will stimulate further R&D. The PR2 was designed from the ground up to be robust, fully integrated and extensible. Using it, researchers will be able to focus on solving problems instead of dealing with soldering, power supplies and communication protocols. For details, visit