Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Android Angels

062-3Gen Manga’s Android Angels explores HRI Manga-style Wouldn’t it be great to live with the perfect woman or perfect man in android form? However, there is one catch: After four years the android’s memory would be erased and you would both need to move on. This is the world explored by GEN Manga Entertainment’s “Android Angels,” by Kosuke Kabaya. This is a world where android butlers and relationships with androids are the norm. The short stories explored in the Android Angel series are tales from a land beyond, where androids not only protect humans, but also live with them. Content is for mature audiences, but the human robot interaction challenges may be ones that mankind may soon confront. Gen Manga is a distributor of monthly Japanese Manga, such as “Android Angels” and translates them into English. Check them out online. (http://genmanga.com/stories/index.html)