Friday, July 30, 2021
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Fold Your Own Robot

Zoobotics' Zuri robot was made using paper and cardboard. Photo courtesy of Zoobotics.
Zoobotics’ Zuri robot was made using paper and cardboard. The company hopes to produce kits for kids to build using laser cut paper parts. Photo courtesy of Zoobotics.

If you love origami and robots, you’ll definitely want to check out the Zoobotics Website. Zoobotics has posted some inspiring photos of an Arduino-based, paper robot. While the electronics are rather straightforward (it has a distance sensor and can be programmed wirelessely via Bluetooth), the innovative way Zoobotics created the bot’s body is worth noting.

Using paper, cardboard, glue, cutters and a screwdriver, the folks at Zoobotics were able to built Zuri: a modular robot that can include legs with two or 3 degrees of freedom. Large and small bodies can also be used. Combining the legs and bodies in different ways allows roboticists to explore different gaits. Builders can explore basic programming or opt for a more novel leg and body combo to try to write complex code.

Zuri is only a prototype at the moment, but Zoobotics is looking for sponsors and considering crowdsourcing,.