Friday, July 30, 2021
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Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot: Technology and Safety Combined

The Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot can be programmed with Bluetooth technology to sing, dance, and play. (Photo: UBTech)

UBTech’s Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot is a perfectly designed household humanoid robot, combining advanced technology with safety features for younger users. It has potential for development in a wide range of interactive applications, such as entertainment, education, research, and media. This adaptable bot can simulate and perform various programmable actions. It has editing software for 3D visual motions, which can be seamlessly controlled in one APP, allowing users to program the robot without PC software. Its body has precise design with 16 servo joints that enable it to perform various complex actions and simulate human movements, making its movements all the more lifelike.

And here’s a first! It can be smartphone controlled, but with Bluetooth technology onboard, you can control the Alpha 1S from any of your compatible Windows, iOS, or Android mobile device without having to fuss with any wires.

Programming the Alpha 1S is done using either the 3D editing software on your PC or the mobile application on your smartphone. The intuitive PC editing software allows you to customize and control the Alpha 1S’s actions and music playback. The mobile app enables additional customization and functionality, including naming actions, adding pictures and videos, and more. It comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that delivers enhanced battery life. When fully charged, the Alpha 1S can move continuously for up to an hour.

Most importantly for young roboticists, it’s safe and strong. The Alpha 1S’s shock-resistant materials and “finger-friendly” structural design mean it’s safe for use by young amateurs and beginners. The  aluminum-alloy structure and ABS housing make it both durable and safe.

UBTech’s Alpha 1S is available at for $449.