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We are pleased to offer this worldwide scoop on the latest quadrotor introductions in the hobby and professional (industrial / commercial / government) UAV category. Innov8tive Designs is introducing a new line of quadrotors scheduled to debut on December 15. Innov8tive plans hexcopters and other variants, and diverse, much larger sizes are expected to be introduced downstream. Robot magazine will keep you posted! –Tom Atwood

Innov8tive Designs has been well known for the past 5 years as the US Distributor of Scorpion motors and speed controllers, and last year, they became the US Distributor for the new Cobra motors and speed controllers as well. Lucien Miller, the President and CVO of Innov8tive Designs became interested in Multi-Rotor aircraft about a year ago, and saw that there was a large gap in the availability of good quality airframes in market. There are a lot of frames available in the sub 500mm size category, and quite a few exotic frames in the $1000 and up range, but not much in between. Because of this, Lucien set out to design a new type of frame system designed to meet the growing needs of multi-rotor pilots.

People that have been flying the smaller 330mm to 450mm size multi-rotors are quickly finding out that for good FPV work or high quality aerial photography you need a larger, more stable platform. Basically they are looking for something that can allow them to go to the next level, and that is exactly where the new Next Level Multi-Rotors fit in.

One thing that is clear about multi-rotors is that they are never “finished”. There is always something else you want to add, or a new configuration you want to try. With most of the frames on the market today, they are designed to be built in one certain way, and if you want to deviate form that, it is up to the modeler to design and fabricate their own mounting plates, brackets or other accessories to change the configuration. The Next Level Multi-Rotors offered by Innov8tive are designed in a modular fashion, much like a flying erector set, so that the builder has complete control of the final design, and is able to morph and adapt the frame as the payload needs or mission profile changes.

The Next Level frame pieces are built from CNC-cut fiberglass reinforced G-10 material, with square extruded aluminum tubes for the arm assemblies. There are basically two frame families available, the 500-650mm series, which are now available, and the 800-1000mm series that are in development and will be available shortly. Within each series, all of the parts are interchangeable, allowing for simple upgrades and modifications. Re-useable stainless steel hardware is used throughout the kits, including nuts with nylon locking inserts, allowing the frames to be taken apart and re-configured as often as you like. This allows the Next Level Multi-Rotor frames to grow and evolve as the pilots needs or skill set changes. Spare parts kits are also available for repairs in the event of an “unscheduled landing”.

For example, a pilot can start out with the basic 500mm Quad frame and a set of 2212 to 2217 size motors and speed controllers for a basic entry level machine. With the landing gear mounted in the training position, which provides a very wide stance that makes the machine virtually impossible to tip over as long as you land it right side up, the machine can function as a basic trainer for learning the subtle control differences of multi-rotor flight. Later on the landing gear can be moved inboard to the normal position, and if desired, an optional shock kit can be installed for smoother landings.

Once the flight training is over, if a larger frame is desired, the modeler simply needs to purchase a set of 650mm arms and the machine can be upgraded from a 500mm to 650mm size. Later on, if the pilot wants to try a Hex version, they do not need to go out and purchase a complete kit. By simply purchasing a new Hex center frame kit, plus a twin pack of Arms, Landing Gear and Motor Mounts, these parts can be added to the original frame to create a Hex configuration from a Quad frame.


As often happens with multi-rotors, people want to carry larger payloads or add FPV gear and the weight of the craft goes up. For cases like these, the pilot can swap out the stock motor mounts for the optional larger mounts and instead of running 22mm motors, they have the ability to step up to 28mm, 30mm or 35mm motors as needed to get the required power and thrust. In addition to the larger motor mounts, there is a complete range of other optional parts available such as protective cover plates, extra battery trays, single and double ended camera mount plates and a complete hardware experimenters kit that contains dozens of pieces of extra screws, washers, nuts and multiple sizes of aluminum standoffs with threaded joiners that allow the modeler to add extra parts to the frame as needed. Optional 2- and 3-axis gyro stabilized camera mounts are also in development for pilots that want to be able to take professional quality aerial photographs with their Next Level Multi-Rotor frame.

Once the larger 800 and 1000mm frames come out, they will also have the same type of upgrade capabilities and options available. These larger frames are designed for industrial and commercial use by aerial photography companies, police and fire departments, and other municipalities as well as modelers that simply want to have a larger size frame available at a reasonable price.


Specifications of the new Next Level 500mm and 650mm Quad frames are as follows:

500mm Quad Frame

Motor spread, center to center, measured diagonally – 500mm (19.70 inches)

Motor spread, center to center, adjacent motors – 354mm (13.92 inches)

Overall frame size, measured diagonally – 553mm (21.75 inches)

Overall frame size, square pattern – 403mm (15.90 inches)

Overall frame height, with gear in normal position – 142mm (5.60 inches)

Complete stock frame weight – 535 grams (18.85 ounces)

650mm Quad Frame

Motor spread, center to center, measured diagonally – 650mm (25.59 inches)

Motor spread, center to center, adjacent motors – 460mm (18.11 inches)

Overall frame size, measured diagonally – 703mm (27.68 inches)

Overall frame size, square pattern – 510mm (20.10 inches)

Overall frame height, with gear in normal position – 142mm (5.60 inches)

Complete stock frame weight – 625 grams (22.05 ounces)

Retail pricing starts at $129.99 for complete kits, with a complete line of spare parts and optional accessories available. For more information about these new Multi-rotor kits, please contact:

Innov8tive Designs, Inc.

1495 Poinsettia Avenue, Suite 144

Vista, CA 92081

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