Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Aerial Sentinels Safegaurd Humans

050-1050-2Imagine two multirotors flying over a city and observing the movements of people and traffic. City planners could use such tools to analyze public transportation needs, identify the elements of a crime scene, inspect public parks and schools or focus on buildings that firefighters are evacuating, among many other things—all of which help improve the lives of citizens.

These UAS’s (unmanned aerial systems) are not stereotypical military drones. In the rendering, provided by Innov8tive Designs,, in partnership with, they carry Epic cameras, which record highest definition stills and video. When vehicles such as these are actually deployed, they may not use this precise gear, but we at Robot believe they will use something very similar. We thank and Innov8tive Designs for the composite image. Inset shows a prototype multirotor developed by Innov8tive that has been flown, and on which the composite is based. Our thanks to Selcuk Ozmumcu of ROVSystems for producing the rendering.
—the editors