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Simple, Affordable Basic Stamp Balancing Bot, by Eric Ostendorff

  Economical Sources of Balancing Bot parts, software and accessories used in this article: Parallax, (888) 512-1024 Sharp Electronics, Sharp sensors & accessories, GP2D120 short range GP2Y0A21YK long range cable & connector Basic Stamps, PBASIC Editor, Vigor VS-11 …

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Note: This is supplemental material for the article in ROBOT magazine, Sept/Oct 2012, by Eric Ostendorff. The subject is adding sensors to a PicAxe 20M2 mobile robot. FYI, a companion article about using a RoboVoice speech module was deleted from the magazine. Some of the code …

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Take Charge of your Scribbler Robot’s IR Capabilities

Eric Ostendorff has provided a two-part article on hacking the Parallax Scribbler robot.

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PICAXE PART III: MaGicAxe Mobile Robot

PICAXE 20M2 + Magician Chassis = MaGicAxe Mobile Robot! by Eric Ostendorff This material supplements a construction article in ROBOT magazine, July/August 2012. It uses information from parts 1 and 2 in previous magazines about circuit building and programming. Builders should reference those articles in order …

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Picaxe Controller Part II

PICAXE PART II: Small Arms Expert! This is supplemental information to the construction article in ROBOT magazine, May/June 2012, by Eric Ostendorff. See source code provided at the bottom of this page. ABC Blocks Supply Voltage: I use 4 rechargeable NiMH AA cells to power the …

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