Friday, July 30, 2021
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State will use robotics to teach science in schools

Having introduced robotics on a trial basis in two government schools in Bangalore earlier this year, the Karnataka government has now decided to use the technology to teach science to school students across the state and also to engineering students.

“Robotics is gaining prominence in many countries. Japan and Korea have high expertise in this area. It is proposed to give science education to school students using the technology and to provide robotics education to engineering students in association with Korea,” Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced in his budget speech Friday.

Robotics is seeing proliferation at many private schools as an education tool in many cities in the country. Two government schools in Bangalore are now experimenting with it to teach students science and engineering concepts.

“Robotics provides a forum for good application of what the kids are learning in schools. Apart from space science it is robotics that provides scope for application of many of the basic concepts of science, engineering and mathematics,’’ said Manohar Sambandam, who coaches a competitive robotics team at National Public School in Bangalore.

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