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Adafruit’s 16-Channel PWM/Servo HAT for Raspberry Pi

This mini-kit makes it easy to control multiple DC Servos using a Raspberry Pi. (Photo credit: Adafruit.)

Normally, it’s not easy to control DC Servos using a¬†Raspberry Pi, because the motors require well timed pulses in order to work properly. This new 16-Chanel PWM/Servo HAT from Adafruit makes it easy! No need to fut around with the Linux kernel. Just pop on the …

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Designing Robots that Move Easily Over Loose Sand

Sceloporus olivaceus moves through test bed. (Photo credt: Qian, Zhang, Horff, Umbanhowar, Full, Goldman)

Soft steps and large feet allow animals and robots to maintain high speeds on loose soil and sand. These findings, reported recently¬†in Bioinspiration & Biomechanics, offer a new insight into how animals respond to different terrain, and how robots can learn from them. The researchers, based …

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Actobotics’ DIY Servo Controller

A customizable two-channel servo controller that you can build yourself! (Photo credit: Actobotics)

Learn about electronics while buiding your own control board with the Actobotics Servo Controller kit. Once assembled, the two-channel controller can be plugged in to servos in one of two ways. If the servos are located near the board, users can simply use plug the servos …

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