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Arduino Obstacle-Avoiding Bot from OddWires

WIth an HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor module on top, this simple bot autonomously avoids obstacles. (Photo credit: Oddwires.)

OddWires’ obstacle-avoiding robot kit is a cost-effective learning platform for robotics. It chassis rolls on two wheels and a castor, to simplify programming for beginners. The kit includes two geared DC motors, an Arduino Uno R3, motor shield, a servo, ultrasonic sensor, a 6V battery case with …

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Share your TETRIX designs and Get a T-shirt


Pitsco Education wants to see all the creative and amazing things you build with the TETRIX® system – and want to show them on theTETRIX Robotics website! So, the TETRIX team at Pitsco is issuing a challenge: submit your coolest robot model with at least basic build …

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AtlantaHobby.Com Sponsors “Braille Boys & Annie” Robotics Team

Team Photo Cropped Bookmark

Atlanta Hobby is signing on to sponsor the Braille Boys and Annie, one of the top youth robotics teams in the state of Georgia with a hugely successful season this year. As a member of the Georgia Robotics Alliance and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of …

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Print Your Own Open-Source Humanoid

The Plen2 is a cute little humanoid you can make at home, or order online. (Photo credit: PLEN Project Committee)

The Plen2 is a 3D-printable, open-source humanoid. The robot has 18 joints, and stands nearly 8-inches tall. It uses an Intel Edison for the main board, and a Arduino Micro to control the 24 RC servo motors. The designers say the basic robot can carry small, …

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Actobotic’s Bogie Runt Rover Ready to Roll… Right Over Obstacles

The Bogie is designed to easily travel over challenging obstacles. (Photo credit: Actobotics.)

Actobotics continues to impress with its Runt Rover series of robot chassis! What makes the Bogie chassis unique amongst the Runt Rovers is the suspension. With articulated wheels, 5” of ground clearance, and 5” of flex, this bot is ideal for climbing over obstacles. Powerful gearmotors …

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Robot Spiders Controlled Via Intel’s Curie Wearable

Intel's tiny wearable, the Curie module, includes motion sensors. (Photo credit: Intel.)

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich recently demonstrated the Curie  at the Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen. During his presentation, Krzanich wore the Curie as a wristband. Curie — a coin-size, low-power, wearable module — features a a six-axis combined sensor with an accelerometer and gyroscope. It also …

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3WD Omni Wheel Starter Mobile Robot Kit

DC motors power this bots omni wheels. (Photo credit: SIngularity Robotics.)

Hobbyists with an interest in omni wheels should consider purchasing Singularity Robotic’s Omni Wheel Starter kit. With three omni-directional wheels, this mobile robot kit can move in any direction and at any angle without rotating in advance. The wheels are powered by DC motors and use …

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Zebrafish Spooked by Robot Fish

Live Zebrafish were particularly spooked by a realistic looking robot fish, modeled after the predatory red tiger oscar. (Photo credit: New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.)

Realistic humanoids can be a little bit creepy. Apparently, zebrafish feel the same way about robot fish. In order to study fear in fish, researchers from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering built a highly realistic, robotic model of a red tiger oscar: a fish often feared by …

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Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro for Raspberry Pi

Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro makes prototyping easy. (Photo credit: Adafruit)

If you want to prototype with your next Raspberry Pi 2, B+, or A+ robot, the Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro is an ideal solution. You can use it to drive motors or test code involving sensors. It can also accept input from 5V systems, such as …

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Can a Robot Acquire Consciousness?

Researchers hope that Hector's new software, reaCog, will lead to consciousness. (Photo credit: CITEC/Bielefeld University)

Researchers at Bielefeld University hope to give a stick-bug robot named Hector a simple form of consciousness. Hector, they claim, might learn to see himself as others see him, without ever being explicitly programmed to do so. “With this, he would have reflexive consciousness,” Holk Cruse, …

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A Wireless Arduino Variant with an ESP8266EXW WiFi Chip

At 50 mm long and 18 mm wide, the Arachnio is just a wee bit larger than the Arduino Micro -- to fit the integrated antenna. (Photo credit: Logos Electromechanical)

The first Arduino-compatible board with an integrated ESP8266EX WiFi chip is now available on Kickstarter. Called the Arachnio, the board is ideal for Internet of Things projects, as well as mobile sensors and robotics. “The number of applications the Arachnio can be used for is almost …

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Save Big Bucks At ServoCity!

Massive-ServoCity-Sale-(social-media-post-for-ROBOT-Magazine) (1)

Need a new servo or 2 or 3?  Then you need to navigate on over to ServoCity as they are having one heck of a sale!  you can save 20% – 70% on select items and all orders over $50 have free shipping.  Act fast so …

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New Technique Makes Joints Flap Like Wings

The dielectric elastomer used to create the flapping wing. (Photo credit: ianwen Zhao/Harbin Institute of Technology in Weihai, University of California-Los Angeles)

Researchers have discovered a new resonance phenomenon of dielectric elastomer rotary joints. Others have studied on dielectric elastomers before, but using a stable voltage that made the joint bend at a fixed angle. This project, by researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology in China and …

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