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Robobuilder UXA-90 Humanoid is Ready for Robocup!

The Robobuilder UXA-90 features 300FPS vision processing at 320x240 pixels and has a fall detection system. Photo courtesy of

Looking for a new Robocup competitor? The Robobuilder UXA-90 Humanoid Robot from Cogibot could be your next star player. The 3-foot tall bot has a 300 frames-per second vision processor that allows it to track colors and estimate distances. So it can kick a ball at a target with …

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Tiny, Internally Powered Robot Gripper for Biopsies

These little robots could one day make biopsies less invasive, or be used in micro-engineering. Photo courtesy of the American Chemical Society.

A self-folding, robotic microgripper could one day make biopsies less invasive. The star-shaped devices are made from a carefully assembled arrangement of a hydrogel (N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylic acid), a polymer (polypropylene fumarate), and magnetic nanoparticles. The soft hydrogel component swells in response to changes in light, acidity, and temperature. The polymer stiffens …

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Raspberry Pi Camera Robot

Make your Pi camera mobile, with this new chassis kit. (Photo courtesy of Dawn Robotics.)

Dawn Robotics’ new kit offers a low-cost solution for those who want to add mobility to their Raspberry Pi camera. The Chassis Kit includes everything you’ll need to get started, minus the Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi camera, WiFi dongle, and SD card. An online tutorial details …

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Eve, the Robot Scientist, Can Screen 10,000 Drug Candidates a Day

Eve, the robot scientist. Photo courtesy of the University of Manchester.

Eve, an artificially intelligent drug-discovery robot, has discovered that a cancer drug might be good for treating malaria, too. Designed to speed up drug discovery and make it more economical, Eve can automatically develop and test hypotheses to explain observations, run experiments, record and interpret the …

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ComMotion Motor Driver Shield

The ComMotion Motor Driver Shield makes it easy to integrate 4 DC brushless motors with your Arduino. Photo courtesy of Sparkfun.

Easily control robots with omni or mecanum wheels using Sparkfun’s ComMotion Motor Driver Shield. This four-channel shield can control up to four DC brushed motors at once, read their encoders and monitor their current draw. It fits on any RedBoard, Arduino, other development board with an …

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Vineyard-Monitoring Robot Prototype Revealed

VineRobot is designed to help grapegrowers manage their crop remotely. Photo courtesy of Asociacion RUVID.

Researchers from several European countries have teamed up to develop an artificially intelligent robot capable of managing vineyards. The unmanned robot can gather information on production, water levels, grape composition and vegetative development and send it to grape growers. The robot is part of the European …

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R is for Robotics Coloring Book

Get creative! Give Dean Kamen any color hair you wish! (Picture taken from R is for Robotics.)

Ladyada’s new coloring book, R is for Robotics, is perfect for inspiring the youngest among us. The book goes beyond the obvious subjects, including everything from Jacquard looms, to prosthetics and hexapods. You can download all of the pages of the book and print them out …

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