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Aerial Sentinels Safegaurd Humans

Imagine two multirotors flying over a city and observing the movements of people and traffic. City planners could use such tools to analyze public transportation needs, identify the elements of a crime scene, inspect public parks and schools or focus on buildings that firefighters are evacuating, among many other things—all of which help improve the lives of citizens.

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Flowstone Workshop 12

Human Interface Devices

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Self-organizing robot armies produced – and all thanks to ingenious termite logic

Harvard ‘brainiacs’ are at it again. Inspired by termites, they have realized their dream of cheap, expendable, self-organizing robots – a construction crew building complex structures at a quick pace, and completely independent of leadership. The possibilities are vast. The machines can be made to build …

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State will use robotics to teach science in schools

The Department for Education Research and Training in India started an experiment last month to provide free robotics training at two government schools.

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Robotics Summer Camp Advisor

Robotics Summer Camps have become a great way for kids to keep busy during their breaks from school while learning some important skills that will last a lifetime. Visit the Robot Magazine website to learn more about what types of camps are available and how to find them.

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Flowstone Workshop 11 Part 2

Servo Erector Set - Part 2

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