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Robot Art: Thymio Paints By Barcode

Thymio Robots run along strips of barcodes were used to create an interesting form of robotic art. Photo courtesy of Thymio.

The Thymio team has taught the bot how to paint 8-bit-style pictures, by interpreting barcodes. The system largely relies on 39 LEDs and two ground sensors. One ground sensor allows the robot to follow a greyscale line on the ground. The other decodes barcodes. Each barcode sets the robot’s LEDs differently, …

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Exoskeleton Suit for Children in Development

The Esko robotic exoskeleton helps patients who has suffered a stroke or spinal cord injury walk again. Photo courtesy of Ekso Bionics.

Robotic exoskeleton company Ekso Bionics is working on a special suit for children. Long known for their robotic suits that allow paralyzed adults to walk, the company is now applying the same technology to help kids. The pediatric suit is being developed for children with neurological …

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Could Your Robot Win the IEEE DIY Contest?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is celebrating the art of do-it-yourself with an online contest. You can submit a description, pictures, and videos of your robot (or other engineering project) via the contest Website. The contest Website is also a great place to go for a little …

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Spark Photon Improves Upon the Core

The Photon WiFi module is cheaper, smaller and faster than its predecessor. Photo courtesy of Spark.

The Internet of Things movement has inspired many promising new products that simplify bot building. An assortment of small circuit boards can now connect our bots to the networked world, quickly and easily. One such product is Core ($39). Released by Spark in 2013, Core features …

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EZ Kit Provides Speech Recognition, Color, and Face Tracking

With the EZ Robot Developer Kit, makers can create a robot that performs many tasks, including responding to voice commands, tracking faces, and avoiding obstacles. Photo courtesy of EZ Robot.

The EZ Robot Developers Kit is an open-ended kit for folks who want to make a customized robot, without dealing with the hassle of finding main components that will definitely work together. The kit includes the core of what you’ll need for a mobile robot, including four HD servos with …

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